About Us

Advanced Muscle Science (AMS) manufactures and markets sophisticated, cutting edge, nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids to the sports nutrition industry, using state of the art scientific knowledge combined with world-class manufacturing facilities, while maintaining pharmaceutical quality standards.

AMS is a, cutting-edge sports nutrition brand under the leadership of a committed management team. The AMS team brings you more than 20 years experience within the dietary sports supplement industry, much of it within the groundbreaking pro testosterone/hormonal regulation category.

AMS provides legal, innovative, practical, top-quality products which improve the way people look, feel and perform. We believe our ultimate responsibility is always to the customers who use our products.

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Warning: If you are governed by any athletic or governing body, make sure to contact that body to ensure the use of this product is not in violation of their rules and regulations

For the following products: 4-AD RD, Decavol RD, Anabolic Growth Kit RD, Pro Anabolic Kit RD, Hormone Regulation Kit RD, Hormone Regulation Kit Liquid, Pro Anabolic Kit Liquid, 1-Androsterone RD, 4-AD Liquid, 1-Androsterone Liquid, Decavol Liquid and Pump Fixx.