1-Androsterone RDe™

"The Original Groundbreaking Prohormone" 60 Rapid Dissolve effervescent Tabs with Patented Compound!

Andro Lean Stack

The Combined Strength of 2 Compounds in one 45-Day Cycle!

Decavol RDe™

New Potent Compound Makes Decavol Even More Prized Bodybuilding Compound - 60 Rapid Dissolve effervescent Tabs for Your Supplement Arsenal!

Mass Drops™

Liquid Dual-Compound Prohormone!

Bulk Drops™

1-Andro & 4-AD Combined Conveniently in a Liquid Delivery!

Decavol Liquid™

Potent New Prized Bodybuilding Compound Now Comes in Liquid!

4-AD Liquid™

Best Base Prohormone to Combine with Other AMS Compounds!

1-Andro Liquid™

#1 Selling AMS Prohormone Available in Liquid to Utilize Multi-Path Deliveries!

4-AD RDe™

Best Base Prohormone to combine with other AMS Compounds - 60 Rapid Dissolve Effervescent Tabs with Patented Compound!

Hormone Regulation Kit RDe™

Complete Prohormone Cycle with PCT - 180 Rapid Dissolve Tabs!

Anabolic Growth Kit RDe™

Complete Mega Cycle - 180 Rapid Dissolve Tabs!

Joint Fixx™

Potent Cartilage Repair Specifically Formulated for Aggressive Weight Training!

Super Cycle™

Protect Your Body From Unwanted Side Effects!

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Warning: If you are governed by any athletic or governing body, make sure to contact that body to ensure the use of this product is not in violation of their rules and regulations

For the following products: 4-AD RD, Decavol RD, Anabolic Growth Kit RD, Pro Anabolic Kit RD, Hormone Regulation Kit RD, Hormone Regulation Kit Liquid, Pro Anabolic Kit Liquid, 1-Androsterone RD, 4-AD Liquid, 1-Androsterone Liquid, Decavol Liquid and Pump Fixx.