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Killer Leg Workout/TRIANGLE STACK..

Posted Sunday, Feb 6th 2011

Hey Muscle Maniacs!

CCCCrushhed legs today ! With the Superbowl happening today and so much testosterone floating around – I guess I got a huge shot of adrenaline or someone triple- dosed my PUMP FIXX! LOL!

Here’s the workout!

extensions 3 sets warm up…

2 warmsups 1pl , 2pl x 15..

405x 10
500x 10
545x 11
585x 6 , dropped to 405 x 5, dropped to 315x 5, dropped to 225×5.. WHAT A RUSSSH!

545x 10

585x 6..  then the big dropset began!


6 PL X 15
7PL X 15
8PL X15
squeezed all 15′s no explosion sets here


hack squat /sissy style.. ala Tom Platz

2pl x 15
3pl x 15
3pl x 12…dropped to 2pl x 10..

supersetted all 3 sets of hacks with extensions x 15′s squeezing each rep..

Moved onto hamstrings..

Leg Curls

4 sets x 20

supersetted with

Good Mornings / hack style..

2pl x 15
3pl x15
3 pl x 15

overhead press – deep press wide legs for glute/ ham tie ins

2 pl x 15.. super slow and just squeeze each rep..

Was a great workout .. 6 people today including my better half [Kim] here’s a few pics of her kicking ass…


I’m happy to report, we are going to package my triple stack and call it the ”TRIANGLE STACK”.. Very catchy name! We are looking to hopefully sell it at the Arnold Sports Festival if all goes well. I’ll keep you updated..

Ok whew! I’m bushed, going to watch end of the superbowl, 2.00 min , left and its a tight game… this is how the Superbowl XLV should be!

til next time …

The Freak

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