I would like to start by thanking Advance Muscle Science for all your support on this year-journey to win the BSN – On The Mat, Quest for the Best – Super Absolute Championship at the 2011 Olympia Weekend. Since I started taking AMS products I’ve been able to achieve great results that have lead to my success in winning my championship this year by taking Pump Fixx/ Hyper Trop- X/ Body Mortar / Vapor – XT and Lucidrol. I couldn’t have done it without these great products and have acquired nothing but solid gains in overall strength and mass muscle.

Before I started taking AMS products I was weighing and competing as a super heavy weight 260 to 280 lbs for all my Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jit Su tournaments. I was always having trouble losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Then I started taking AMS products throughout my workouts and the rest of the day and reached my goal of 194.9 lbs at my last competition at the 2011 Olympia Weekend.

I strongly recommend all AMS products to anyone seeking to improve on their performance at the gym, fitness lifestyle and for any athletic competition. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal and performance in competition without AMS.

Thank You

-Jorge Lozano
Grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jit Su Competitor
Chico, California

The AMS Pump Fixx and body mortar were excellent supplements to jump start my workouts and aid in muscle recovery.

-Gena Baisa
competitive figure model
San Antonio

My names Mark Castillo and I play for a band called crossfade. Been using a stack of yalls for a few months now and I cant speak any higher of a product. thank you for in my opinion…. the best supps on the markets. peace!

Mark Castillo   Mark Castillo
Mark Castillo   Mark Castillo

-Marc Castillo

With the help of AMS products I’ve been able to achieve great results over the years. Since I started taking the 1-Andro/4-AD/Arom-X stack I have made nothing but gains to my overall muscle mass and density. The Body Mortar makes it much easier for me when dieting for bodybuilding show. Since I am married with three kids I was very pleased when the Nocturnabol showed up in the mail.

When I first started taking the AMS products I was 240lbs at 25% body fat. Since then I’ve dropped to 221lbs and measuring in at just under 5% body fat.

I have taken many supplements before and few seem to stay consistent with what they advertise. I’m glad to be using AMS as my supplement of choice.

-Travis Waggoner – Texas
Travis is currently the official trainer of both Gena Baisa & David Richardson.

“Since using Advanced Muscle Science, my gains have been off the charts!! My strength has increased and the weight I had lost from dieting for a show is coming back with great force!

I have been using Decavol,1-Androsterone-RD,Arom-X-RD as my mass stack. The gains have been STAGGERING! Watch out for me in 2011!

My pre-workout gear has been Body Mortar, and Pump Fixx!!! My pumps have been FIERCE with the Body Mortar/Pump Fixx combo! The next phase is on the rise – taking these products are easy. Taking the quick dissolve formula is a major win win combo and they taste pretty good!!

Before I head to the gym, I get myself geared up with my Body Mortar and Pump Fixx combo. I use 2-3 scoops of each at least 30-45mins prior to working out and right before I leave the door, I take 2 Hypertrop-X and I just wait for the feeling to come over me……by the time I hit the gym, I’m ready to wage war against the IRON!!! During my workout I sip on my BODY MORTAR…to aid in my recovery…
And each time I do this, I come out the WINNER!!

Thanks AMS!!!! Thanks for all your SUPPORT and for BELIEVING in me!!!!
With this awesome stack I plan on coming in around 230-235lbs by thanksgiving!!!”


-Manny Kirby New York

I just wanted to show you these comparison shots from the 5th of this month, and today.. Like I said before, I am eating cleaner, but the only other difference would be the VaporXT and the additional aminos from the Body Mortar.. and to me, the best thing is that the pic on the left was taken post-workout with a pump, and the pic on the right was taken @ 5:45…10 mins after I woke up & right after I got out of the shower…I know there is no such thing as magic, but with hard work, and proper diet and supplementation..if I can do this in 3 weeks, what else am I capable of??
I can never thank you enough man,


“As an IFBB Figure Pro, I am no stranger to weight training and competition dieting. I am always looking for the best thermogenic formula to help get me through my workouts during my hard core dieting. We all know how difficult it can be to push those weights on an empty fuel tank, especially as we get closer to show time. Having experimented with numerous fat burners, energy boosters and pre workouts drinks, finding the right pre workout supplement seemed like an impossible task; at least for me.

I was introduced to Vapor XT at the NPC/IFBB Expo in Hartford, Connecticut. I approached the booth of Advanced Muscle Science and was immediately greeted by their representatives. I shared my fitness goals and they suggested that I try the Vapor XT and Pump Fix as a pre workout supplement.

Eager to do just that, the next morning, I sampled both about one half hour before my workout. I felt the effect almost immediately. If I had to put it in words, I would describe it as a surge of energy and mental alertness; exactly what those guys at the booth told me I should expect. This energy carried me throughout my entire workout with absolutely no jitters or heart palpitations. As with other fat burners, I was worried about a possible crash later on during the day. To my surprise, that crash never happened. I maintained what felt like a natural and smooth level of energy throughout my entire day, with no interruption in my sleep later on that evening.

I have been using Vapor XT both by itself and combined with Pump Fix for about 2 weeks now. I use Vapor XT daily and add in the Pump Fix mix for those really intense weight training sessions. In the little bit of time that I have used this product, it has already become a valuable asset to my training and dieting. I have never felt this confident with my performance at the gym. My workouts have been “crazy” intense and my recovery even better!

I strongly recommend Vapor XT to anyone who is seeking to improve their performance at the gym, fitness goals and life. It has already made a difference in mine. Thanks AMS!
Teresita Morales

-Teresita Morales, Esq.
IFBB Figure Pro
Occupation: Attorney

“Best Product ever for during and post work out!!Body Mortar…”

-Duda Bueno
Preparing for the 2010 California State Championship

I can start off by saying that vapor xt is amazing! I found out about the product through my big brother and grabbed a few of his samples. After my first training session with vap xt I tossed my bottle of ripped fuel in the trash. I was instantly hooked and asking for more. The energy that it gives me is a smooth ride with absolutely no crash or jitters. It also helps me train as hard as I possibly can even on my sluggish days. I’m actually disappointed that my supply has dwindled down to only a few pills. I will definitely be a return customer. This isn’t the next best product, it’s the best energy product and one that natural athletes like me can use. Thanks guys!

Dear AMS -

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your products! I have been using your Vapor-XT pre-workout now for a few months and I am getting great results. It gives me a nice, steady energy for my high intensity workouts without those crazy jitters and subsequent energy crashes I’ve gotten from a lot of other products before. My body fat is decreasing too and I am not taking any other products other than the Vapor-XT that could be helping with that!

I’ve also experienced good results using your Body Mortar on double days in preparing for competition and during competitions. It helps to keep some energy in my system to push my muscles to the limit when I can’t consume real food due to time constraints, digestion time or just plain nervousness that leaves me with no appetite to eat. Thanks for the great products, AMS!

Lake Tahoe

AMS pro-anabolic products helped me get jacked and lean to compete and win super-heavyweight at the NPC Capitol of Texas.

Before frontBefore backAfter frontAfter back

David Richardson II
Austin, TX

1-Andro was a key component in my supplement arsenal, while transforming my off-season physique into pre-contest condition.

Mathew Porter: OffSeasonMathew Porter: Most Muscular Contest
Off Season
Most Muscular Contest

Mathew Porter

In the 8 weeks that I was on Advanced Muscle Science Vapor-XT. I’ve noticed a drop of 2% pure body fat and maintained all of my lean muscle tissue, including the new 10lbs of lean muscle I’ve added since last year. I’ve been very happy with this product! Thanks AMS!
Luis Santiago

2009 NPC Eastern USA – 1st Bantam

2005 NPC New England (Cutler Classic) – 1st Bantam Weight.

2006 MuscleMania Fitness Atlantic – 1st Bantam Weight. and overall winner (natural pro status)

2006 INBF New York State Championships – 1st Lightweight and Overall Winner (natural pro staus)

2006 WNBF World Championships – 1st Lightweight pro men (Lightweight WNBF World Champion)

Every time I stepped on the scale, I was amazed. I’ve had problems gaining real muscle mass in the past until I tried AMS prohormones. I gained 14 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks on The Ultimate Mass Stack. In addition, my strength gains were bewildering as I set new personal bests in all major lifting categories. My body composition is more muscular than ever before.

Simon Chong: BulkingSimon Chong: HardeningSimon Chong: Shredding

Simon Chong
Huntington Beach, CA

“Hey, I love your products! I gained 16 pounds from your products now and the T-shirt you sent me fits and looks great. Maybe after this cycle I will shoot you guys a profile or before after picture! Really you guys rock!

Just wish after hittin’ the gym an sweatin’ I had one of your cool towels to clean up with hahaha just kiddn! Keep up all the great effort you guys have great products and a loyal customer! Thanks for helping me reach my goals!

-Tim Murphy
P.S. Next time I am getting your gym bag cuz I am gonna need somethin’ to keep your products in cuz I am gonna get a whole arsenal!!!”

Never been bigger, never been stronger, never felt better. Watch me squat 675 lbs here. Thanks AMS

Jimmy Ambriz
Pro MMA Fighter

Using 1-Andro, I was able to add 12 solid pounds in just over 4 weeks, and strength gains were through the roof as well. My weight raised from 202 to 214, and those gains never left! I will definitely use this and other AMS products for a long time.
Jonathan Weber

As a gym owner and personal trainer in Hollywood for over 20 years, I have tried just about every supplement that is available on the market for size and strength. I can tell that 1-Andro is by far the best single product I have ever used. The size and strength gains I have experienced are extremely impressive for a supplement. In fact, I am probably in the best shape of my life at 45 and the only thing I am doing different is taking 1-Andro. I have recommended 1-Andro for all my clients looking to gain size and strength.

Brian Zola
Hollywood, CA

Thanks, the previous stack was great!!!,
I went from 168 lbs up to 180 lbs and droped from 18% to 15% Body Fat!!!! That is a gain of 15.24lbs :-)
My bicep went from 37 cms to 41 cms.
Really want to try the Advanced Anabolic Stack!!!!!

Carlos Brolo

I have been working out for the past 18 years and have tried almost every supplement out there. I spent a lot of money over the years trying new products and different combo’s of supplements to try and get that edge and get bigger and stronger then ever. Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of money UNTIL I tried AMS products. 1-Androsterone changed my intensity level entirely. Everyone at the gym noticed the extra lean mass and strength I had acquired. I’m 36 and working out harder and more extreme then when I was 18.

All my training partners at the gym are using 1-Andro now. They are in the best shapes of their lives.

During a 30-day 1-Andro cycle, I will gain at least 15 lbs of solid, lean muscle mass and my bench goes up 50 lbs as well. There is nothing else out there like 1-Andro.

Chad Livering

Nicholas HartmanI used Hyper Pump after lifting again for about a month and noticed a never-ending energy throughout my workout. As soon as I was done with a set I was ready for the next. Hyper Pump really helped me to stay focused and get a great workout that I could put up the next weight as well as the previous. It felt as if there was no fatigue at all.

Nicholas Hartman
League City, TX

1-Andro is amazing! Within one week I began noticing an increase in both strength and workout intensity. At two weeks my old “max out” weight on almost every exercise became my new first set after warmup. I couldn’t wait to get in the gym because I was seeing gains every workout. My bench went from 185 to 255 after 30 days. I recommend 1-Andro to anyone whose workouts have gone flat and want to see real gains again. This product is the real deal.

Steve Cannoy

I just finished the 1-Andro, 4-AD and Arom-X stack. This is the second time in two years that I’ve used AMS products and I love ?em. I’ve gained around 15 pounds each cycle. They’re the best supplements I’ve ever used!

Joe. C

I was trying to gain muscle mass for years and it came along slowly. After a few years of training I really hit a plateau and no matter what I did I couldn’t get more size and I didn’t want to go take the illegal road. I came across the AMS 1-Andro, 4-AD and Arom-X stack, a legal anabolic alternative that had great reviews. After quickly receiving my shipment, I went to work and started charting my gains. I began at 5’8, 167 lbs with about 15% body fat. After one month I was up to 174 lbs and about 12% body fat and my strength was through the roof. Needless to say, I was amazed how my body responded. I will definitely use this stack again!

James M
Redding Connecticut

Since I’ve started taking your supplements; I have experienced significant muscle gain, shredding, extreme pumps, and more intense workouts. I’ve also been more focused, and driven during my extensive and exhaustive training in the LAPD Academy. I strongly believe taking your products will help me succeed physically in the city of Los Angeles as a police officer.

Art Minjarez

I have been using the hormone regulation kit and Decavol and I have always been skeptical about pro-hormones. But after the first time I cycled with 4-ad, 1-Andro , and Decavol, my bench press went from 335lbs. to 365lbs. give or take 5lbs.

What’s even crazier is that now 6 months after the first time i tried your products my bench is at 385. I was at a serious plateau before AMS. So that is no shit why I keep buying your products. I am seriously the guy who believes that supplement companies are out to rip off the average Joe. I can’t even remember why I tried AMS but I’m glad I did. I will get some pics to your website sometime in the near future but I haven’t taken any of myself in years. I might be able to dig up some old ones and compare them to myself now. I have been hitting the gym for 8 years now

-thanks Tyson

This is the story of my body transformation.

I had been lifting hard since I was 18 trying to get bigger, and stronger. I was called skinny my whole life, and it was almost an obsession to put on muscle mass. I worked out harder than anyone at the gym, ate as many calories as humanly possible, took weight gainers, creatine and I never got above 175lbs, and that didn’t stay long.

I started with AMS in April of 2011. I was 27 years old, 6’1″ and at the time weighed 165 lbs. I had never taken a pro hormone before, and to be honest had never even heard of it, or knew what it was. I finally educated myself on how safe AMS pro hormones were and decided to try them. I started with 2 AGK RD kits back to back for a total of 8 weeks. I then used Arom-X RD for my pct. Overall I gained 20lbs of muscle, and got way stronger. I continued to use a variation of our products over the next 2 years. What I noticed is after every cycle I put on 10-15 lbs of muscle and more importantly my “off cycle walk around weight” would increase and stay with little loss.

In the before picture I was 165 lbs before I started a cycle. In the after picture I’m 207 lbs after 2 years of AMS products every few months.

I’m now 200 lbs consistently for the last 3 weeks after cycle and think this will be my new walk around weight. Taking these products has changed my body, my life, my confidence, and clothes size! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

James Smith, OR

Hello all, I had the pleasure of meeting the AMS crew at the 201113 Arnold Classic. I was explaining to them at their booth what I was wanting to do as in “having my cake and eat it too.” Weighing in at 200 plus pounds while shredding body fat and then gaining pure muscle back… I used the Anabolic Growth Kit RDe for 4wks and started at 208 pounds, changed my diet, dropped over 13 pounds of fat and then packed back on at least 6 pounds of shredded muscle!! Now I am taking the PCT Arom-X RDe for 4 weeks and then will probably do the AGK again during the month of August. I really appreciate the time the crew took to listen to me and how I wanted to change my body, life and Passion for bodybuilding!!

Thanks so much – Josh Roland

I hardened the “F” up and got the Andro Test Stack from this website. Worked smoothly and order
completed just fine. Can’t wait to get it and get back in my routine!
Used both the 1-Andro RDe and the Anabolic Growth Kit RDe last year and got killer
results. Hungry for more!

Awesome products, Awesome company.

Highest Regards,
Vice Commander / Red Rock Search and Rescue

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